Travis 'Little T' Turner

420 show at The Vancouver Art Gallery

by Travis.
Was an epic time performing for the 420 show at The Art Gallery in Vancouver, BC. I rocked the mic for around 25 000 people that day. Big thanks to our DJ Momantix who held it all down! Even though he was hella sick that day! Our regular brotha Jak Drum on the rythms. My homie The Chef came down from my hometown Penticton, BC. We have been free-styling and recording for years. Last Summer we performed at Boonstock Music Festival. Then there was Monivoi the pretty Polynesian girl from my single For My City. Such a great voice! We had Phat Dawg who just released his new EP equilibrium and long time group of The Family Compact. Dangerous who is always killer and holds it down. Nicki B was in from Toronto always a blessing seeing her! We also had M.O. Little as a special guest down for his tour with Mercules. Mercules was on my first mixtape The Littlest Biggest Deal! My distant cousin earlier put me in touch with a great beatboxer Robin the Goblin. He has played Shambhala Music Festival. We jived very well. I ran into my long time friend Ian FM that day who happened to just get into town from his season at Big White. They were great! Soon as they started the News Cameras came out! We wrapped up the day by shooting a video for Phat Dawg and then some well deserved food and drinks. Some great photos taken from Fine Tuned Photography.