Travis 'Little T' Turner

Unity In the Community

by Travis.

Crossroads Health and Wellness is now open. What better way to celebrate then with some music and a BBQ! Come down check out the space and feed your soul!

Featuring DJ 360

Little T

Phat Dawg

J Dubs The Dirty Love Child

Cody Tkatch


Jo Blunt

$8 Includes Food Ticket

- Jeff Van Dyke is a long time activist for social change with a strong focus on health and wellness.

Here at the center we make it our priority to meet and exceed the expectations of our patients. Our staff is well educated in the medicinal properties of Cannabis and we focus on knowing and understanding each and every product we sell.

At Crossroads we focus on quality over quantity. So we may not have 31 flavors, This is because we only use suppliers with the highest standards in the industry.

Whether it be Buds, Edibles or Extracts, our medicines are dispensed by compassionate human beings, instead of machines."