Travis 'Little T' Turner

World Wide Record Release June 30th

by Travis.

Little T is back after a five year hiatus sinceBack To Basics. He has been busy playing "the king of swag" on the number one hit show for YTV/Netflix and currently airing season three. Less we forget the littlest biggest deal founder of main street live, grinder of Lil Kim, aka your girlfriends favourite rapper. Rocking it in BC since 2010 with The Littlest Biggest Deal. This album follows his journey to stardom and dreams of Hollywood. Featuring the best in talent from hip hop emcees and producers from Pen City, Van City, and LA . Acts such as WC (west side connection), Bo Rocc (The Dove Shack), Dae One (Black Hippy), Ian Somers (Limblifter), Eng (Immortal Technique),Dollah D (Street Kings), Nuggz and The Chef. Picture cruising vibes and good rides with this 8 track classic. T has entered a new phase in his life from underground to Worldwide.The album delves into his beginnings, the now, and ultimately where he hopes to be. Connecting his roots in BC to California where there is no ceiling to his talent.This release is to drop June 30th!