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A Hollywood themed gathering deep in a magical old forest near you ;)

If youve been to any of our previous gatherings you understand that we're pushing the boundaries of local underground event production! We are proud to say we don't have any sponsors or affiliates! We're a cooperative of individuals driven by a desire to bring people together to share in remarkable experiences through art and music.

It takes the work of promoters, entertainers, planners, djs, vj's, audio/visual engineers, artists, photographers, organizers, designers, volunteers, along with your support and energy to bring it all together!!

Please take a minute to check out our page and view photos from your previous events. Here's the link to "Like" our page and to...

Hip Hop Eh and Nardwuarr!!



Went to the historic Rio Theatre last night. Saw a new documentary called Hip Hop Eh. Was a film about the Canadian Hip Hop scene. It was a very truthful film. I felt it could use a little more optimism though. I feel we need to pull together to make a bigger scene here! Had fun rolled with The Archivest. Met Nardwuarr! I used to watch him on Much Music growing up. Now he interviews lots of sweet rappers too. 

Abort Magazine Reviews Main Street Live


Review of Main Street Live Summer Showcase at Fortune Sound Club.

Vancouvers monthly showcase for live Hip Hop kicked off its latest installment in the ever comfortable surroundings of Fortune with an early crowd already eager for fresh sounds. A diverse bill including two full bands promised to be the opening of another chapter in the scenes development, a promise that would be more than fulfilled.

First up to bat, Low Lux, Young Nige and DJ K-Rec of Friends With The Help come fresh off the release of their latest video As The Light Hits You and a string of high energy performances, taking the stage with ever sharpened wit and a controlled hyperactivity that makes for a gripping live act. Performing a fast paced set of...

Main Street Live BC Hip Hop Vancouver


Main Street Live Summer Showcase at Fortune Sound Club from Hip Hop Vancouver.

On Wednesday, June 27th, Little T brought his Main Street Live showcase one block off of Main Street, to Fortune Sound Club. Previously held at the Cobalt and the Electric Owl, Main Street Live features performances from a variety of artists in Vancouver's hip hop scene.

This past show had a wide range of styles, from the beatbox infused rap of Attikus and Gboxx, to Moonshine Express and Deep Seated providing full live funk bands to keep the dance floor packed. The Vendettas brought their unique blend of hip hop and rock to the stage before Panther (of Panther and the Supafly) played a high energy set to close the night.


Little T


Littletweb 2

Little T has come a long way from his motels and low-residence housing to opening for such big acts like Warren G, Lil Kim, D12, Hopsin, R.A. the Rugged Man, Swollen Members, Moka Only, Luckyiam, and Kyprios. He quickly developed an appreciation for the culture, which also allowed him to rise above other challenges and prove to be the littlest biggest deal in Vancouver.

Little T quickly made a name for himself with clever wordplay and a solid flow. He has collaborated with a slew of artists, bringing his hard work, determination and lyrical skills to the table. His mixtape, Littlest Biggest Deal, already distributed over a thousand copies proves that this is only the beginning. Little Ts career is quickly gaining velocity, and serves as...