Travis 'Little T' Turner

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The Littlest Biggest Deal - The Mixtape

His ambitious first release, “The Littlest Biggest Deal”, featured Vancouver emcees Aspire, Q-Rate L, Junk, Young Hungry, Chadio, Mike Murder, Annoymouz, Azreal, Kaboom, ATMA, David Morin, Merkk Mikzz, Veritflow, Un-1, and The Family Compact. It was co-produced by Little T himself and Vancouver's The Archivest.

Title Listen Video
1 The Littlest Biggest Deal
2 Right Track Feat. Vertiflow
3 Hell Ya!!!
4 What It Takes Feat. Aspire
5 Lonely In The City Feat. Q Rate L
6 The Streets Ft. Junk
7 Fate Or Destiny Feat. Young Hungry
8 Blunts Up Feat. Chadio
9 You've Been Warned Mike Murder
10 Anonymouz & Azreal with Kaboom
12 Later On Feat. David Morin
13 We B Rollin Feat. Merk Mikz
14 Shhh Feat Un-1
15 Only The Strong Survive Feat. The Family C...
11 Times Change

Back To Basics

Debut album Back To Basics. About the struggles and rise of Little T. Featuring Moka Only, Randy Ponzio, C'Nez, Moni, Jaykin, David Morin, Babie Paul, Dae One, Shieba Twin, and E.D.G.E. Recorded by Clearahouse Productions, The Archivest, and Turtle Recording. Mixed and Mastered by Lee James and Micheal Moxam. 

Title Listen Video
1 Intro By Dj K-Rec
2 For My City Feat. C'Nez & Moni
3 B2B
4 Let It Go
5 Midpoint Feat EDGE
6 Good Feat Moka Only
7 Never Be Another Feat. Jaykin
8 Married To The Girl
9 Summertime Feat Moka Only
10 Hydroponic
12 Miss You
13 So Close Feat Randy Ponzio
14 On My Way
15 Shoutro
11 Later On