Travis 'Little T' Turner

Travis ‘Little T’ Turner is an artist of rich talent and feverish motivation. His résumé is sterling. With disarming charm, sharp wit, and torrid energy, he captivates and moves crowds. In the Vancouver music and film scenes, he’s built a rock-solid profile. In the streets they shout his name; in the studios and playhouses they whisper it. If you haven’t yet witnessed the man’s presence and ability, you will very soon. Travis ‘Little T’ Turner’s star has risen.

Over years of honing his musical craft, Little T has gathered a following, performing with acts like Macklemore, B-Real, Warren G, Lil’ Kim, D12, Hopsin, R.A. The Rugged Man, Swollen Members, The Knomads, Moka Only, Luckyiam, Kyprios and Shamik. At home or on any stage, T lives for the energy of the crowd. Unsatisfied with the number of performance opportunities offered to him and the rest of Vancouver’s small, vibrant core of independent urban artists, Turner launched Mainstreet Live, British Columbia’s only monthly live Hip-Hop showcase.

His ambitious first release, “The Littlest Biggest Deal”, featured Vancouver emcees Aspire, Q-Rate L, Junk, Young Hungry, Chadio, Mike Murder, Annoymouz, Azreal, Kaboom, ATMA, David Morin, Merkk Mikzz, Veritflow, Un-1, and The Family Compact. It was co-produced by Little T himself and Vancouver visionary, The Archivest.

Turner’s forthcomin T’s trademark honesty and playful lyrics flow smooth and steady.

The other side of this spinning coin is Travis Turner, actor. Growing up, Travis experienced the elation of performing in plays and was soon recognized as a real talent. He starred in Peter Pan, Lord of the Flies, and A Midsummer Night’s Dream, among others. In 2005, he won the award for Outstanding Male Performance in a Supporting Role at the Alberta One Act Festival for his portrayal of J-Rat in Mousetown. Since then, Turner has upped the ante. He’s been picked up by agent Nigel Mikoski of Connekt Creative and manager Alex Shekarchian at AS Management. He has performed in over fifteen independent films, including Scars, Henchin, and Snowtramp. These films were screened and won awards at various film festivals, including New Zealand Mountain, Tao New Mexico Mountain, Vancouver International MidForms, New Media, Made in Vancouver, and the prestigious Hollywood North Showcase during the 2010 Winter Olympics.

Turner’s tremendous efforts have finally taken him to the next level: He regularly features on Television and in Full Length Motion Pictures. He appeared in the Battlestar Galactica follow-up, Caprica, and landed a role alongside Battlestar’s Michael Hogan in the feature Confined. In Romania, he worked with Roger Moore, of James Bond fame, on A Princess for Christmas. He has landed guest spots on tv series Tower Prep and Level up which aired on Teletoon. Then, in TV’s Supernatural, he featured as a vampire. He appeared on NBC’s Fairly Legal and landed a starring role in Nickelodeon’s sequel to Fairly Odd Parents, alongside Drake Bell and Daniella Monet. Travis recently starred in Marley and Me: The g album, Back to the Basics, dropped on August 30th. It features the talents of Moka Only, David Morin, Babie Paul, Shieba Twin, Makemdef, Randy Ponzio, C’Nez, Moni, Jay-Kin, and E.D.G.E. The album documents the struggles and joys of an emcee’s rise. On every track, LittlePuppy Years: the sequel to the popular feature film starring Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson.

 He has voiced  Disney's Mr. Young. For the  CGI cartoon called Mighty Mighty Monsters he was nominated for best voice actor in an animated series or program as his role of The King. He currently is on the production on a new series for Netflix and YTV called Some Assembly Required. Which is on its third season and the number 1 sitcom on YTV.

Whether he’s making music or acting, Travis ‘Little T’ Turner works harder than anyone, and it’s paid off in a big way. Wherever he goes, people form into crowds to catch a glimpse, to show him love, to make some noise. He steps into the spotlight and takes the microphone up. A hush falls and the lights dim. He stares out into the dark, opens his mouth and the show begins.Put your hands together and bear witness. Travis ‘Little T’ Turner was born for this.

-Written by Cole Pettifor